Rick L Crosby likes to help people as he is among those kind personalities who are born to make happy to others. Giving is an art and it is not for everyone. Nowadays people don’t believe in the concept of “live for others”, they totally consider the thought of “live for yourself”. It does not mean that you should spend your money to the people who don’t deserve your help but only pretend that they need your help. I am in favour of providing helping hands to the people who are really in need. This act of kindness offers you peace of mind. Rick Crosby and his wife have been helping others for long time. They have registered themselves with reputed organizations in order to get the different ways to help the people in real need.


Rick L Crosby is among those selfless people who believe that happiness come to you when you start living for others. He has earned a lot of fame, money and respect but he did not use it for his benefit. He is just like a person who is far from the luxury and comforts of this world. The only thing makes him happy is the smile on the face of the people who are helped by him in any circumstance. He does what he loves and he love helping other people by various means.


He has gone through various phases of life and he can feel the pain of others. He has become a great motivator for various people. He not only offers money, employment opportunity or any kind of help to poor and needy people but he understands their situation and connects with them by his soul. I really appreciate his efforts in the direction of humanity.